Our Services



Keeping accurate financial records is very important to your business’ success.  Espinal Business Services is a full charge accounting/bookkeeping firm committed to serving you by providing accurate and reliable information.  The reliability and timeliness of this information is crucial in helping you make intelligent business decisions.  Our services include:

General Accounting/Bookkeeping

Accounts Receivables

Accounts Payables

Fixed Asset Accounting

Financial Reporting – Non-Attest

Bank Account Reconciliation

Reconciliation and Analysis

With proper bookkeeping you can plan for year-end tax preparation; you can manage cash flow more efficiently; reduce your tax liability by strategizing; increase profits by identifying specific expense categories that need to be address; and peace of mind, knowing that you have control over each of your business’ activities. We take a lot of care in providing you with the information necessary for business’ growth and success.



Processing payroll can be intimidating and complicated.  Espinal Business Services takes the mystery away and simplifies the process by creating paychecks and filing all quarterly forms when they are due.  We take care of:





Quarterly Federal 941

State 941

New Hire Reporting

We provide you with:

Employee earnings statements.

Payroll journals.

A notice of cash needed to cover payroll expenses and tax liabilities.

Timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities.

Payroll worksheets.

We do this all for a fraction of the cost of national payroll companies.  And the most important thing is that you keep control of your funds.

Business/Personal Tax Preparation


Preparing your taxes is a very delicate and important task.  Accuracy is of the utmost importance in making sure that you are compliant with state and federal regulations.  We stay current with all new IRS regulations, and use the latest and most up-to-date software technology in order to ensure accuracy and speed.  Here are the tax filing services we provide:


Corporations:  C-Corp and S-Corp

Limited Liability Companies


Schedule C – Sole Proprietorships

Schedule E – Rents and Royalties



Self-employed individuals

Retired Individuals


We are an IRS Authorized e-file Provider.  That means that we send your tax return to the IRS electronically.  This speeds up processing and prevents the loss of your paper return.  No more envelopes or buying stamps, with electronic filing your refund is process quickly and accurately.